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Anti corrosive Resins
  Chemifix BIPA
  Chemifix BIPR
  Chemifix CFR
Anti corrosive Powders
  Chemifix SSP
  Chemifix KSP
  Chemifix PHP
  Chemifix FP
  Chemifix CNP
  Chemifix SUP
  Chemifix Q10
  Chemifix CFP
Anti Corrosive Bitumen Mastic
  Chemifix SBM
  Chemifix HDBM
  Chemifix TRBM
  Chemifix SPBM
  Chemifix HFBM
Unsaturated Polyester resins
  Chemifix GP
  Chemifix SGP
  Chemifix ISO
  Chemifix RG
  Chemifix BG
;   Chemifix MG
  Chemifix LG
  Chemifix GEL
  Chemifix CG
  Chemifix PRIMER
  Chemifix MASTIC
Since 1969, Chemisight has endevoured to provide state of the art anti-corrosion products & turnkey corrosion prevention solutions to various industry segments as per international ASTM & BSS standards. Chemisight is a ISO 9001 certified company.
Chemisight enjoys a unique position in offering anti-corrosion products development, manufacturing and its application services. Our products are broadly classified into, Membranes, Acid/Alkali Resistant Cements & many more. .
Since 1969, Chemisight is one of the leading contractor for anticorrosive/acid resistant constructional work and a quality manufacturer for speciality chemical resins and powders for surface protection lining i.e. Acid & Alkali resisitant lining works.
  Turnkey Services Undertaken
  Surface Protection Lining
  Brick/Tile Lining
  Sheet Linings
  F.R.P. Linings
  Epoxy Linings
  Epoxy Grouting and Coatings
  Mastic Linings
  Pipe Lines
  Unsaturated Polyester Resins
  Anti Corrosive Resins
  Anti Corrosive Powders
  Anti Corrosive Bitumen Mastic.
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